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Confectionery Courses

With an amazing variety of goods to choose from, we are sure that Tom, our Artisan Baker, can help you learn how to make your favourite Cakes, Pastries, Biscuits, Buns and more.
A brilliant life skill for yourself and a fabulous way to treat your family and friends!
We have Afternoon Tea days with goods such as Scones, Fat Rascals & Victoria Sandwich Cake, Italian baking with goods such as Focaccia, Biscotti & Ciabatta and Scottish days with goods such as Dundee Cake & Shortbread.
Maybe you would prefer to make Classic Cakes such as Chocolate Fudge, Cherry, Coconut or Lemon Drizzle Cake? Biscuits including Chocolate Chip Cookies, English Shrewsbury Biscuits & Austrian Viennese.
All kinds of products are available in our Confectionary Courses including Lemon, Cherry, Coconut, Meringue, Chocolate & Nut based goods.
If you can’t see your favourite, we can also arrange 1 to 1 Design Your Own courses for 4 – 6 hours where you can choose a mixture of your favourite products to bake yourself.
These courses are limited to 4 students.

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  • Afternoon Tea_a50d632c37dd858f4090235e3ee63a4e

    Afternoon Tea

    Great course if you thinking of hosting a tea party this Summer.  Tom, our Baker, can show you how...
  • Beautiful Buns_f4563d6a8f5fd67f156b7dbe1679b186

    Beautiful Buns

    Tom is your tutor for this course. He will teach you the best processes and hand crafted techniques ...
  • Biscuit Courses_85c70916031dfd169e618711ec574993

    Brilliant Biscuits

    1 x 3 hour session Tom is your Baking Tutor for today Under his guidance, you will learn how t...
  • Classic Cake picture 2_02d48321808d16b953787a7c1ba3a6ec

    Classic Cake

    A fun, and interesting course with Tom as your tutor. During your course, you will learn to make 2 ...
  • FullSizeRender (31)

    Creative Chocolate

    1 x 4 Hour Session You had better invite your friends to tea tonight! Chocolate chip muffins, Mi...
  • Meringue a_ab1ed0ef76681673ba6ee74db7915d72

    Meringues & Macaroons

    During this course, you can learn how to make the lightest, most delicious meringues & macaroons...
  • Pastry Course_889cc322cb90299939418b73314862fa

    Perfect Pastry

    1 x 3 hour session In this course, you can learn how to make perfect pastry every time. Tom is y...
  • FullSizeRender (32)

    Scrumptious Scottish

    1 x 4 Hour Session Tom is your tutor for today 25 years of Baking experience, he will guide you to...