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  • Sugar Flowers Classes (7)

    Sugar Flowers Classes
    Come with us into the wonderful world of sugar flowers. Under the guidance of our fully qualified Sugarcraft and Cake ...
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  • Bread Baking Classes .. (5)

    Bread Baking Classes ..
    Here at the Fruitcake Factory we have the following upcoming Bread Classes available. Come and meet our Bakery lecturer, Tom. ...
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  • Royal Icing Techniques (6)

    Royal Icing Techniques
    Royal icing is one of the most skilled techniques in the art of sugarcraft and one of the most admired ...
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  • Sugar Craft Classes (6)

    Sugar Craft Classes
    These courses incorporate a range of Sugarcraft skills such as Sugar Paste and Pastillage, crimping, embossing, cut-out work and colouring ...
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  • Confectionery Courses (8)

    Confectionery Courses
    With an amazing variety of goods to choose from, we are sure that Tom, our Artisan Baker, can help you ...
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  • Cup Cake Decorating .. (1)

    Cup Cake Decorating ..
    We will supply you with 6 of our delicious vanilla or strawberry cupcakes ready for you to decorate along with the ...
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Welcome to our website! Here at Fruitcake Factory we simply LOVE teaching people the art of Sugar Craft, Cake Decorating and Baking, and have regular classes to suit all ages and abilities.

Based in the beautiful village of Meopham in Kent and served by our friendly and highly experienced staff, our classes offer a wide variety of courses for the beginner, to intermediate, to highly skilled looking to brush up on a specific technique.

If after looking through the courses we have on offer you aren't quite sure what is right for you, or if you have special requirements which you would like to discuss, we would love to hear from you and help advise you on your choice, just give us a call on 01474 816659